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Established in 1979 and still guiding year after year. "Experience is my greatest asset"

brown trout caught on a dry fly in the central north island of new zealand FLY FISHING OPTIONS
See my photo albums for some great fishing and scenic images.
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Trout Fishing Around Central North Island
Spring - Summer - Autumn
During the spring, summer and autumn months, the fishing consists of several different types of angling and anglers are given a good mix of rivers. During the course of a day we may fish different methods and even different rivers always with an emphasis on adventure and seeking out diverse fishing opportunities.

helicopter fishing in the new zealand wilderness Helicopter Wilderness River Fishing
Late Jan - Feb - March
Wilderness rivers can be accessed on a daily basis by helicopter but are only available in good weather conditions.
This is an exciting wilderness experience and one that we have specialised in since helicopters fishing began.
Wilderness Campouts are my favourite and I am well set up with gear and equipment to provide you with a great riverside camp. A special swag with foam mattress is supplied for each angler and all food is campfire-cooked. The experience of a night in the New Zealand Wilderness beside a river, standing around a campfire, looking up at the billions of stars in the southern sky is one of lifes great "MUST DO"
We tend to use a Bell Jet Ranger for the campout trips and a Robinson 44 for the day trips and costs vary depending on flying time and the machine used but a rule of thumb is nz$1200.00 - $1500.00 per day.

A group of Aussie anglers enjoying themselves on the Tongariro river. Group Trips / Fishing Clubs / Several Friends.
The Tongariro River steelhead trout treks are excellent for group tours.
We have vast experience in organising many major tours over the years. From 3-12 anglers, we can provide all the organisations and excitement for a realistic and affordable price.
These tours are total packages and an excellent opportunity for several anglers to enjoy a fishing holiday. In many cases these become annual pilgrimages with groups of friends. Some choose the mixed summer fishing option, however, it does cost a little more as we enforce a two anglers per guide rule. An example of price is for an 7 day winter steelhead trip Au$1950.00 each. May - Oct. 4 person minimum.

Tongariro River Fishing
All year fishing. Steelehead May - Oct. Best Aug & Sept.
See my separate page on Tongariro River Fishing.
Things haven't changed much since Zane Gray's last trip to the Tongariro; the river is still just as beautiful and just as famous, and the trout just as prolific.
The Tongariro River has been described by many as the greatest trout river in the world; however, it is typical of a Steelhead fishery in that it is spectacular during the great spawning runs and hard fishing at any other time. During April to October huge runs of spawning trout migrate from Lake Taupo up the Tongariro and provide for many of the most spectacular fishing they will ever have.
During the rest of the year fishing on the Tongariro varies quite a lot and we tend to fish many of the other great rivers within the Central North Island. having said that in certain conditions even in the height of summer the Tongariro can provide some fantastic dry fly action.
The Tongariro is quite a large river and requires heavy rods and chest waders. Rods of No. 7/8/9 with weight forward floating lines are best for nymph fishing. For wet fly fishing a fast sinking line of the same size is appropriate. The fishing method most used is nymph fishing although we are not restricted to that method, but will use the most effective method at that time. Fish size varies from 3 pounds upwards to 8 pounds during the course of a day's fishing, but some do get larger.
The best times to fish the Tongariro is March/April/May - slowish but lots of HUGE BROWNS in River: June/July - excellent: August/September - Hot: October/December - OK: January/February - slow.

What you can expect. Fishing the Tongariro is not quantity fishing but quality. Learner fishermen can catch fish especially during the winter runs. Competent fishermen nearly always catch fish. The trout are wild rainbows and the occasional wild brown trout and are large by world standards averaging 4-6lbs. During the spawning run it is not unrealistic to catch 4-15 fish per day and many days exceed 25. During winter spawning runs expect lots of other fishermen on the river.

Our Charges:
Full package includes meet at Taupo airport if required and return, quality accommodation, all food, wine and beer, full guiding and any gear needed. - nz$875.00 per day one angler and nz$975.00 per day two anglers. Includes 15% tax.
For guiding only - nz$675.00 per day. 1 or two anglers.
See my Steelhead Special Packages for June - Oct.

General Saltwater Fishing and Saltwater Fly Opportunities
Over the years we have undertaken many saltwater fishing trips within New Zealand and Northern Australia. Please enquire as to what trips we might have planned or can organise for you. We have lots of game rods and saltwater fly gear so don't hesitate to ask.

a nice groper caught off the east coast of the north island Saltwater fishing trips result in all species being fished for and caught.


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